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Flooring Installation in Abilene, TX; Quality that Will Floor You

Truth be told, your home’s aesthetic starts from the ground up. Your flooring brings the beauty factor into your home. Do your floors need a major makeover? Bring new life into your spaces through new flooring installation.  


Serving hundreds of clients on the regular, we are experts in our field. Alan’s Cabinets & More, Inc. is experienced in the art of installing a wide range of flooring options.  Because we understand that every project is unique, we go the extra length to thoroughly understand what our client envisions, desires, and expects. 


Your flooring installation won’t be just another interior remodeling project we take on. We care and your satisfaction matters! 

A Great Option for Your Home Interior Remodeling

Our home interior remodeling contractor will often recommend floor remodeling. Why? To start, new floor installations will enhance your home’s look and feel. The right flooring option can do anything from add warmth to a space to contribute to a luxury feeling in a room.


The experts at Alan’s Cabinets & More, Inc. can guide you towards the flooring options that require less maintenance, are easy to install, add value to your home, and of course, look good with your home’s decor theme. 


Installing a new floor is a popular choice because oftentimes, it costs less than remodeling an entire home, while possessing the same power of impact. 

Choosing the Right Team for Your Flooring Project

Alan’s Cabinets & More, Inc.’s depth of expertise and knowledge, paired with our passion and dedication towards excellence makes us a partner you can trust completely. To make your experience a pleasant one, we think outside the box, present new solutions, and go out of our way to show you that you can count on us from beginning to end. 


There are thousands of flooring installation companies in Abilene, TX but only Alan’s Cabinets & More, Inc. has your best interest at heart. Choose what’s best for your home; choose Alan’s Cabinets & More, Inc.

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  • Good quality but not the fastest service.

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    Good work done on time and within budget.Highly recommended.

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    Alan worked with our schedule to get in for the work around our schedule.
    I would recommend you give him a chance.

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    Alan did a great job but he isn't fast.

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